Freitag, 11. Oktober 2013

.:[ Frühstück auf den Tribünen]:.

Hier kommt ein völlig verspäteter Post - er gehört noch zur Landshuter Hochzeit.

Beim Durchstöbern der Fotos ist mir aufgefallen, dass ich euch noch garnicht von unserem super schönen Frühstück in der Altstadt auf den Tribünen berichtet hab.
Zur Zeit als die Stadt rausgeputzt war für die LaHo und den ganzen Tag Ritter, Gaukler, Fahnenschwinger und Burgfräulein auf und ab liefen entschieden wir dass es der perfekte Zeitpunkt war um uns mal unters Landshuter Volk zu mischen.

Mit Kaffee, Sandwiches, Kuchen und Obst bewaffnet machten wirs uns auf Decken die wir auf die Tribüne gelegt hatten gemütlich.
Ganz klar hatten wir auch Spiele mitgebracht.
Und so saßen wir dann da - Kaffee schlürfend, spielend, Ausschau haltend und einfach die Sonne, das Leben und die Schönheit von Landshut genießend.

Abgerundet haben wir das ganze noch mit einem Spaziergang über die Burg.

Einfach wunderschön.

Montag, 29. Juli 2013

.:[sam's glibber bath]:.

I found this really cool page while I was checking pinterest this morning. It's called 'growing a jeweled rose' learning through messy play - and if that's not the theme of my life then I don't know what else. Now the post that was pinned is about 56 sensory games for babys n toddlers. And reading through it and looking at all the cute photos of sweet baby smile faces inspired me so much. I just had to do that, too.

So since we had to go to the mall anyways I packed the caddy full with Jell-O and edible gum strings and couldn't wait to get home and try sensory game nr 1: glibber bath.

Sam had a blast :) It was so much fun watching him explore the jell-o and trying to eat the strings - gosh - I should do this EVERY SINGLE TIME BEFORE BATHING HIM. Why have I never thought about this? I definitely will try more of those fun games this week and post about it to ket you know how it went ;)

Here you see the joy in person:
Thumbs up for jell-o bath.

Freitag, 26. Juli 2013

.:[we love summer]:.

We went swimming today! Right after the kids got up we packed our things together and drove to a little lake not far from here.
It was so fun! My dad bought two swimming rings for our little ones - where they actually sit in. Those are so great! For Sam it was love at first sight!
And this ment we were able to really swim across the lake with the kids not only sit on the bank with them.

Thanks dad - we love you!

Playing in the fresh water, laying in the green gras, enjoying our funny, cute, laughing kiddos, smell the summer breeze and just relaxing a few hours was exactly what we needed these days!
I am so thankful for today - and every single moment we got to share. ♡

Donnerstag, 25. Juli 2013

.:[Noah's Ark]:.

We told the kids (well, mostly ronja of course) about Noah.
(Funny because actually we were watching the prince of egypt and were talking about moses - but I guess this was a bit complicated for a two year old - and so we switched to Noah's Ark)

Long story short: since its just to hot to stay outside for long I thought it was a good idea to build our own little ark - with us on board - and all the animals we love.
Its the first handcraft we are doing together as a family (except the pumpkin we carved last year)

So it's not done jet but this is what it looks like after session one ;)

.:[cooling down]:.

Wow...its been sooo hot these days - and since we are living at the attic we can't even get sleep at night.
But we found a place along the river side where we managed to keep the kids alive...

Sonntag, 14. Juli 2013

.:[first night out without our kids]:.

This was our very first evening without both of our kids - and sams very first sleep over at his grandmas. Gosh, I tell you I was so nervous I couldn't sleep the night before.
But we have like the best granny xou can have - she promised to send photos of the kids to my mobile every few hours so I'd know they are alright.

So after crying for a while when my babys where picked up,  I really started feeling relaxed for the first time scince Samuel was born.
I took a long shower and got dressed. All without baby screaming or Ronja pulling my leg because she wants lipstick, too.
I really missed that...

After that we drove into the city, took a walk along the beautiful riverside and then went to the "nächtliche Festspiele" of the LaHo. We git the cards for christmas last year and where totally excited.
And it was so overwhelming!
I had never seen so many People at once in our little hometown before!
And the games we watched were so great!
Knights riding the most beautiful horses trying to pick up tiny rings with there lances or trying to kick down flaming fire balls while riding as fast as they can.
And dancers with little bells hanging all over them, music played on big drums and trompetes.
The flag keepers performing dances and stunts with theyr big flags.

Oh it was wonderful.
When the games where over we walked through the City back to our car. The whole sidewalk was just full of people drinking, laughing, partying and having a good time with theyr friends. This was so nice to see. We didn't meet anyone I know though.

It was so nice feeling a little "free" and spending time as a young couple...just my hubby 'n me for a few hours. But when we picked up our babys at theyre grandmas the next day we knew that we have the most georgous little kiddis and would never want to live without them again!
As much as I enjoyed it - the best times are our family moments ♡